"It has been said that Hawai’i is the heart of the planet... and that Maui is the Heart of Hawai’i... and that Hana is the HEART of MAUI. The magnificent beauty and intense power, or mana, of the tropical coast of Hana have a way of opening your senses that nothing else can match. This is your opportunity to discover how the special rhythm of the Hawaiian Islands creates the environment in which wholeness, change and personal evolution unfold as naturally as a tropical sunrise."

- Tom Best

Spirit of Hawai'i - These adventures in consciousness on Maui with Don Americo and Gayle are the continuation of a crucial exploration of the human spirit initiated by the elders of every tribe of humanity before the dawn of civilization.

Connect your Spirit with one of the purest expressions of Divine Feminine on the planet. Open your heart to an ancient and practical Wisdom amplified through the Beauty, Grace and Power of Hana, Maui.

Journey to Peru Travel Adventures – With Don Americo Yabar as our guide and bridge, we'll connect directly with the spiritual energy of the Andes. The sacred mountains and valleys of Peru guide us into the heart of an ancient wisdom. We'll visit ancient Inca sites and participate in ceremony with the Q'ero tribe. You can join our next travel adventure and enjoy a mystic experience with these masters of pure energy.

NLP Certification Trainings - Earn your NLP Practitioner Certification or Master Practitioner from some of the top trainers in the world. This is an extraordinary opportunity -- beyond the traditional NLP formats. It is a perfect fusion of an interactive and experiential classroom along with DVD access to Master NLP Trainers. You can benefit from over 3 decades of their experience.

If you’re curious about NLP, check out NLP San Antonio Meetup, held once a month at the Center for Life, 12915 Jones Maltsberger, or attend a weekend of our next NLP Practitioner Certification Training in San Antonio, Texas. Check back for dates of the 2016 NLP Practitioner class.

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