Forming the Sacred Circle

To learn, you must serve the Pacha Mama, the Mother Earth, in some way. All of the practices of the shamans are ways to heal our relationship to the cosmic forces and bring our lives  into balance with the weavings of energies which are in all things.

 - Don Americo Yabár

Best Resources recognizes with gratitude that on our beautiful planet, there are people who talk to stones, who listen to the rain, who learn from the trees, who know the secrets of the waterfalls and the waves.

Their unique 'species of consciousness’ is a tremendous resource on our planet. Native Americans, in their quest to experience wisdom, knowledge, power and health, have created living models of the context of contexts -- the cosmos. From the Medicine Wheel of the North American Plains Indians to the sacred hula of Hawaii to the ‘energy world’ of the high Andes, this understanding of life has served these tribes well in their search for harmony with the Pacha Mama or Earth, bringing a unique success into their personal and spiritual lives.

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