Spirit of the Child

Programs with Bobbi Best

Best Resources offers these specialty programs designed by Bobbi Best. This set can be offered in a variety of formats. These are designed to help children -- from an early age to teenage years. Spirit of the Child is designed to teach and encourage a practical way of moving through life with peace, grace and equanimity and to learn to Love under all conditions with all relations.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • How to develop empathy and compassion for others;
  • To maintain their natural state of connection with God throughout normal day-to-day life and through difficult times;
  • To understand what to know to BE Happy;
  • To heal anger and turn it to Love;
  • How to deal with criticism and conflict;
  • How to grow through the stages of Life;
  • To love themselves and others as themselves through Nature; and
  • To learn to be PART OF rather than apart from the world.

Practices to “Tame the mind” will enable each child to learn how to:

  • Free up energy and attention for helping others;
  • Install the idea of loving kindness for all creatures and nations;
  • Participate in the idea of Peace rather than destruction;
  • Learn easy ways to stay calm when stressed; and
  • Contribute to the healing and love in the world.

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