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Many Faces of the Spirit - This extraordinary cross-cultural learning experience will nurture the mind, body and spirit, enabling you to see beyond the mask of the ego into the Many Faces of the Spirit. Drawing on wisdom from a wide range of healing traditions, you can experience the priceless gem of the Spirit revealed through its many faces. You will discover how to use patterns and techniques that shamans, esoteric spiritual practitioners and other ‘artists of the Spirit’ have used for centuries to go beyond self-imposed boundaries and into connection as you direct the flow of your awareness to greater levels of happiness.

Nightwalking – As developed by Nelson Zink and Steve Parks of the Embudo Center in New Mexico, Nightwalking is a perceptual strategy designed to enhance intuition and creativity, stop internal dialogue and amplify your intuitive abilities. By learning this certain kind of all-seeing gaze, you will discover ‘peripheral awareness’  which enhances your own inherent, natural abilities. This set of skills is often incorporated in other Best Resources options, for example as “Take Back the Night” Star Walking during our  NLP Women’s Center classes. Nightwalking is also available as a stand-alone program.

Spirit of the Child – These programs offer specially designed tools for children and teens to learn how to defuse anger before it escalates and how to relate to others with  tolerance and compassion. Children learn to resolve conflicts in a loving way as each discovers her or his own unique spirit. Parents, kids, teachers, counselors and child-care workers can benefit from the variety of classes, camps, retreats and education formats.

Visible Women / NLP Women’s Center – Our intent is to bring to women, of all ages, the tools for sustaining balance in the midst of challenging and turbulent times. With Calling to Life, Visible Women local classes, Maui retreats as well as other specialty programs, we pair ancient multi-cultural traditions with the technology of NLP. Together in our circles, we access ‘Standing as Love’ and staying connected under any condition.

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