Journey to Peru

Thanks to all who helped make our last Journey to Peru with
Don Americo and Gayle Yábar a success.


 Check back for upcoming dates, details and payment information.


Best Resources invites you to join Peruvian mystic and shaman,
Don Americo Yábar, in an exploration of the timeless world of Andean shamanism.

These journeys to Peru are an Apacheta, a Doorway of Initiation  between 'ordinary states' of consciousness and the 'shamanic states of consciousness' of the Great Mystery. You'll explore the connection of mystic states of consciousness related to Yachay, the power of the mind; Munay, the power of the emotions; and Yankay, the power of the body. Initiation into this Work has to do with developing your ability to perceive energy, recognize where it is blocked and 'clean' the luminous filaments of your own and other's energy bodies. You will work directly with the unique configurations of universal energy we call the 'spirits of nature' and discover your pre-existing relationship to this domain.

The intent of this 'doorway' is to give you the means to move freely between the worlds and permit the fluid flow of energy in order to gain a profound connection with the Mystery.  You will travel deeply into the magic of the moment NOW. Through connection with the power of the sacred sites of Peru, you'll expand your ability to work with the energy of nature. You'll experience your ability to use intent to project your spirit beyond the limitations of this 'horizontal world' and into the 'vertical sphere' of spiritual influence. These mystic experiences are an immersion into the ancient wisdom that transcendence, mystic states and God are not the destinations of some grand journey of seeking. They are the vibrant point of being from which you begin the projection of the Spirit.

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