Maui Logistics

Transportation to/from the Mainland: Your destination is the Kahului International Airport, Kahului, Maui (airport code OGG). For some people, the 2-3 hour drive on the Hana Highway is often a bit much after a 6-8 hour flight. We can provide a list of good value north shore lodging options. The Maui Seaside hotel near the airport has rooms for ~$150/night (super saver discount). You can reach them at: Several airlines fly nonstop from the mainland to Maui; other routes will take you through Honolulu. Search for good prices on direct flights to Maui. A good search engine for airline tickets is

Travel Dates: We will begin on in Hana on Friday, October 9th and end on the following Thursday, October 15th.  We highly recommend scheduling your flights to arrive on Maui on Wednesday if at all possible. You want to be fresh for the Hana Highway drive. If you leave early on Thursday, you will have time to 'settle in' before the workshop begins.

It may be best NOT to schedule your return flights on the 15th, as you still need to drive the Hana Highway. You will receive additional, specific logistical information upon registration.

Drive time to Hana: From the Kahului Maui airporr, it takes about 2-1/2 to 3 hours, on the beautiful Hana Highway, also called the Road to Hana. While only a little over 50 miles from Kahului/Paia to Hana, the road is an adventure ... hugging the mountains, overlooking the ocean with an abundance of waterfalls and breathtaking scenery. Give yourself plenty of time to make lots of stops and thoroughly enjoy the drive. Leaving as early in the morning as you can is highly recommended.

Transportation while on Maui: You will need to arrange for your own transportation to Hana. Major rental car agencies are located at the main airport. Some choose to take a puddle jumper flight from Kahului to the small Hana airport, rather than drive the Hana Highway. Contact us to arrange details if you are flying directly into Hana.

For those renting a car -- to save money and share the adventure -- we can connect you with other participants who would like to rent a vehicle together.

Lodging: There are plenty of lodging options and budget choices in and near Hana, ranging from camping to Joe's travel hostel to condos, like Hana Kai, or B&B's to a 4 star hotel. You can go to either Hana Maui Lodging or Hana Accommodations to see a list of great options; or research for yourself on sites such as TripAdvisor or AirBnB. You can also contact us for suggestions. We will be happy to help you find the option for you. Remember to let us know if you would like to connect with other participants to share lodging.

Travel Insurance: It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance to at least cover your airfare. Read the fine print to ensure the type of insurance you purchase does cover trip cancellations. It is also wise to check the cancellation date for any lodging you reserve on Maui.

What to Bring: An insatiable curiosity and an open heart, small flashlight, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, flip-flops, serviceable pair of walking shoes (that may get wet, scuffed, scratched, muddy etc.), a small day pack, small water jug, 1-2 pairs of  long pants, baseball or other billed hat, and a light sweater. Other than that, its swim suit, shorts, and T-shirts, and whatever else you want to lug around the airport. Temperatures are in the 70's and 80's with afternoon rain showers a possibility.

Food: There are several options in this small town, including a number of food trucks -- with everything from freshly caught fish to Thai food to barbeque -- plus one burger & sandwich bar on Hana Bay and the Hana Ranch Restaurant. You can even get good pizza on certain nights at a roadside spot near Hana Gardenland. Otherwise, plan to cook. In most cases, you'll be able to prepare your own meals at your campsite, room or B&B. For food shopping, there are a number of fruit stands all along the highway plus the well-stocked, Ono Farms veggie and fruit stand open almost daily. There are only two small, ‘mom & pop’ type stores in Hana with a surprisingly eclectic collection. Both stores close early (6 to 7 pm).

Although you can probably get most of the staples and groceries you may need in Hana, many choose to stop at a larger grocery store in Kahului or Paia, before the Hana Highway drive. Your choices are Whole Foods, Down to Earth, Foodland, Safeway, KMart, Costco and even Walmart, all near the airport in Kahului. You can make a food and supply purchase - enough for a week - on the way to Hana. There is also a great health food store in Paia, called Mana Foods, on the road to Hana. We'll always have ample time for meals and food preparation.

For more information, contact us at or call 210-277-0071.