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JoyTech: This is an NLP service provider for San Antonio, Austin and central Texas. JoyTech offers a wealth of services, including NLP coaching, EFT or Tapping sessions, NLP San Antonio Meetup, local classes plus NLP skills practice and Evolutionary study groups. Linaka Joy of JoyTech also coordinates closely with the NLP Women's Center and Visble Women. Connect at or

NLP San Antonio Meetup - For details on upcoming programs in San Antonio or central Texas, go to  this meetup link,

NLP Comprehensive: Quality NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Specialty Training. The online store from NLPCo a great source for NLP books and materials at

Facebook Group, The Grace of Tom Best - As a global community we can continue to connect and celebrate the life and work of Tom Best, who passed in April of 2012. We can all keep opening the circle wider. Tom helped to create many puncos or "pools of energy" all over the world. To honor those many gifts, we can continue to share on this Facebook forum, adding new Rainbow Seed stories as well as posts and photos from the continuing, global Puncos,  Celebrations and Ceremonies. Here you can discover and connect with friends, students, and colleagues from all over the world who knew Tom Best. You may feel the Love radiating, as you read the posts, enjoy the photos and videos, or relish the stories about this wonderful, loving man. Link --

"Enclyopedia of NLP" -- Access this 1,580 page online reference developed and maintained by Robert Dilts, a prolific author and deveoper within the universe of NLP. Discover what you want to know at

NLP of the Rockies: For more on the REAL WORLD INTEGRATED NLP, a 12-day intensive in Winter Park, Colorado, contact
Jan Prince at 720-2312-1000 or via email at Janice Prince at For full details on all upcoming programs, go to

NLP Research Data Base: Compiled and edited by Dr. Daniele Kammer from Bielefeld, Germany and currently published by Dr. Franz-Josef Hecker. Go to

Ressources PNL: Brought to you by one of the major NLP European training institutes, offering trainings in French in Belgium, France and Switzerland. This center was founded by Anne Pierard and Alain Moenaert.  Details on the annual program of specialty trainings can be found at

Metaforum International: Metaforum international was founded by Bernd Isert in 1986. They are an academy for humanistic and systemic models of communication and we see themselves in an integrative process which is expressed in their events, co-operations and complementary training programs; details at

Salka Wind: This is a wonderful website about Peruvian shamanism and Americo Yabar created by Oakley Gordon PhD. He says, "I am, by vocation, a professional intellectual. I have a Ph.D. in psychology, I teach at a university, and I have been both well trained in and teach the methods of science.To learn the Andean approach I needed to quiet the constant chatter of my mind. The internal deal I made was that my intellect would be free to make whatever sense it could of my experiences after the fact. That is what these articles and papers represent." Connect at http://www.salkawind.

Steve Andreas, NLP Developer - Steve has a number of interesting articles here at

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