Evolutionary NLP in central Texas - Check back for dates.

The ongoing Evolutionary NLP programs are an exploration of the essential qualities of  'identity' and 'Spirit'. Here we discover how our participation with the energetic structure of the Spirit heals, restores and transforms the body-mind.

Bobbi Best, along with her husband, Tom, refined and developed the structure of these programs for over 15 years in workshops and retreats in the US, Europe and eastern Europe, Peru and Hawaii. As co-designers, they developed a deep appreciation that, although ‘personality’ may be a cultural artifact, Consciousness is not.

As Tom described it,

"Our lives are an expression of this 'vital energy' in it's many forms. From our physical body to the highest aspirations of our Spirit, the way we use our vital energy determines the quality of our lives. Evolutionary NLP, and particularly the work with stones will take us into a profound exploration of the reality in which we create, expand, and manifest the energy of our body, mind and spirit. We will discover how Nature itself opens a field of new possibilities, allowing a graceful progression into restoration, balance, and wholeness."


At times, our energetic flow becomes contracted and we experience physical pain, emotional suffering or mental stress... and our lives become stagnant. Engaging with the principles and processes of Evolutionary NLP allows us to participate fully with our life-force so that it flows unobstructed from moment to moment with effortless grace. To be truly effective in our world requires the skill to transcend our current limitations, whether these manifest physically, emotionally or mentally.

Embracing the ancient Hawaiian principle that "Energy Flows Where Attention Goes", this programs acknowledges and explores how "Attention is Destiny", plain and simple. Intelligence is knowing where to put your attention, or where to move your energy. Wisdom is knowing how to direct that attention, that energy. In this workshop, you'll learn how to connect your Spirit with the Spirit of Nature in order to direct the flow of your awareness to levels beyond those in which pain, disease or imbalance arise so that you become the restorative cause, rather than the destructive agent, of your life.

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