Calling to Life with Bobbi Best

How do you find happiness in the midst of darkness? How do you stay in connection with the Divine Source no matter what the circumstances? Some life events are so huge that they create a Radical Shift in our lives, sweeping aside comfort, confidence and, for some, all sense of self. Yet these catastrophic changes can also become Apachetas, a Quechua word for doorways of learning. These can be opportunities to recognize when you have gone down the slippery slide of grief, regret or anger ... into the darkness and away from Divine Purpose.

These events can provide a chance to reach out -- beyond sorrow, fear, jealousy, doubt — to the furthest extension and expansion of your consciousness. You can practice existing in a state of continuous equanimity. Calling to Life is about building lifelines to bring you back to the Light, back to the point of NOW, to the state of Happiness.

We will use not only classic NLP methods, such as Parts model, Timelines or Spatial anchoring, but also processes from the indigenous healing cultures of Hawaii, Peru and North America. We will travel into the wound of Love to understand the strength and wisdom of vulnerability. This is an exploration of spiritual practices, requiring the participation of those who aspire to achieve and maintain a state of equanimity and allow the flow of Divine energy to be received.

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