Bobbi Best, MSW, will be your guide for the Programs
and Services offered via Best Resources.

Bobbi has been an NLP trainer, psychotherapist, spiritual navigator, experiential designer and a director of NLP centers for 27 years. She has studied and worked with leaders and developers of NLP since 1980 as well as learning and understanding Huna from a Kahuna while living in Hawaii and Andean cosmology from Americo Yabar and the elder Q’ero shamans in Peru for the last 20 years.

Bobbi has served as the Co-Director of Best Resources / Texas Institute of NLP. In addition to co-directing the institute in San Antonio for over 15 years, Bobbi, along with her husband, Tom, created and directed NLP Austin for 5 years, the NLP Center of Maui for 5 years and Arizona NLP for 5 years.

Her husband of 25 years, Tom Best, passed away suddenly in April 2012. Her journey since that time has been one of discovering how to build a life back after having the experience of her entire world shattering. Calling to Life, along with an updated Evolutionary NLP and the new programs for women and children, are enhanced by Bobbi’s daily documentation of her grief process, plus her radical application of the tools that she and Tom developed and practiced for 27 years. These have become her own lifeline as she traverses and observes the methods that allow her to move through this extraordinary event in life. She is living the tools to transform into moment-to-moment opportunities for releasing suffering and exploring different states of consciousness.

Best Resources continues to offer some of the highest quality NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certifications, specialty trainings and travel adventures in Texas and around the world.


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